Zigazoo is social media as it was meant to be…

empowering, positive, and authentic. It is a space where you aren’t preyed on by technology at its worst, but instead celebrated for your humanity and encouraged to be unapologetically you.

How is Zigazoo doing this?

  • Humans Only: To protect our community from bots, troll farms, and AI, every contributing user is authenticated as a verifiable human.
  • Ethical Algorithms: Content algorithms are based on hard-won reputation, not engagement-at-all-cost.
  • Video-First Content: Video content ensures more accountability and less potential for trolling and bullying.
  • Moderation, But Not Censorship: Human-in-the-loop moderation welcomes self-expression and weeds out harmful content, but does not censor ideas or dialogue.
  • Positive Interactions: The interface is designed to guide users to engage in positive interactions instead of trolling, bullying, and doom scrolling.

Fun & Safety


Human Moderated

Worry Free