Zigazoo NFT Guide

Zigazoo NFT collections are built specifically for kids with safety and digital literacy top-of-mind, combining Zigazoo’s industry-leading kidSAFE COPPA-certified community with a trusted digital marketplace on the Flow Blockchain.

We are beyond thrilled to partner with leaders in children’s media and art to empower kids to shape the very landscape and infrastructure of NFTs and Web3 from the ground up on Zigazoo. Web3 will be a huge part of our children’s future and it is our mission to give kids a healthy, positive experience as they become tomorrow’s digital citizens. Zigazoo is giving kids across the world the opportunity to express themselves through art and practice essential financial literacy skills that are at the core of the Web3 experience and their future economy.

The Zigazoo community now has the ability to purchase NFT packs from their favorite brands directly through the Zigazoo app — with certain NFTs opening special privileges — via Zigabucks, the platform’s in-app virtual currency, or USD. Once NFTs are obtained, users can propose trades with fellow Zigazooers within the app.

NFT packs provide accessibility for families to engage and educate their kids on the future of NFTs. Zigazoo NFT collectors are not only able to own unique pieces of art but also create videos, customize their avatars, and produce unique content with their NFTs, ultimately building their personal Web3 universe and fueling new levels of creativity. Zigazoo aims to foster stronger digital peer connections through its NFT drops as users can trade with each other, bond over shared interests, and customize their profiles full of new digital content.

Each NFT is hosted on the Flow blockchain, while all purchases are behind a parental verification gate. In addition to the collectible NFTs, Zigazoo releases supplementary challenges alongside NFT drops to educate kids on finance, Web3, and the empowering meaning behind each collection.