Our Impact

Zigazoo is social media as it was meant to be – empowering, positive, and authentic. It is a space where you aren’t preyed on by technology at its worst, but instead celebrated for your humanity and encouraged to be unapologetically you.

How is Zigazoo doing this?

We created Zigazoo based on the following pillars:

  1. Humans Only: In light of bots, troll farms, and AI, every contributing user on Zigazoo needs to be authenticated as a verifiable human. No fake accounts allowed.
  2. Ethical Algorithms: Zigazoo’s content algorithms are based on hard-won reputation, not engagement-at-all-cost content schemes that prey on human beings’ worst instincts.
  3. Video-First Content: A focus on video responses — instead of text comments —ensures more accountability and less potential for trolling and bullying. No anonymous, pre-meditated negativity.
  4. Moderation, But Not Censorship: Zigazoo’s human-in-the-loop moderation welcomes self-expression and weeds out harmful content, but does not censor ideas or dialogue.
  5. Positive Interactions: Throughout the Zigazoo interface, users are guided to positive reactions and interactions instead of trolling, bullying, and doom scrolling.