Why Zigazoo

Other apps are dangerous for kids. Give your kid the gift of safety on Zigazoo.
Our mission is to give youth a safe and positive community where they can find joy, develop healthy online relationships, and aspire to their greatest potential as tomorrow’s digital citizens.

Zigazoo was founded by parents and teachers who understand the concerns that caregivers have about social media for their kids and also the strong desire that kids have to engage with social media. Zigazoo is carefully designed to build confidence and promote diverse perspectives and self expression. We work closely with our users and their families to ensure that Zigazoo kids are getting the best that social media has to offer.

Fun & Safety


Human Moderated

Worry Free

Our Team

Our world-class team recognizes the power of social media in today’s world and the absence of environments built with children’s well-being in mind. Using our expertise in child development and education Zigazoo is designed to highlight the opportunity for confidence and relationship building, digital literacy, self expression and FUN while safe-guarding against harmful side effects that adult social media presents for youth.

Zigazoo’s mission resonates with brands, celebrities and public institutions who are all working with us to build a brighter digital future.