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Zigazoo is kidSAFE COPPA Certified and Common Sense Media says Zigazoo is the “example of how to offer a social yet safe place for children to be online.”

We built Zigazoo so our kids could have a positive, safe way to learn with peers during the Covid-19 pandemic. As parents of young kids, we didn’t like our options for secure and positive online learning experiences — so we built Zigazoo. Our kids were the first users and are active on Zigazoo daily.

On Zigazoo, here’s how we are building a vibrant, positive-only, airtight secure environment:

1. Verified, Secure Sign-Up Process

In order to sign up to use Zigazoo, you must get verified through either your phone number or single sign-on with Google or Apple accounts. There is no random creation of accounts. In accordance with our terms and privacy policy, Zigazoo accounts must be created with a parent to ensure consent and safety.

2. User Controls and Human Moderation

Zigazoo puts every single piece of feed content through a stringent human moderation process that reviews for:

  • Relevance to the prompt
  • Kid-friendliness, including language and all aspects of visual media
  • Personally identifiable information

Only videos that pass our school-friendly test are viewable.

3. Controlled, Positive Interactions

Unlike TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube — users can’t watch negative, harmful content and have no text messaging or commenting capabilities. Zigazoo users only see videos that make it through our stringent human moderation process and interact using positive-only emojis, stickers, and shoutouts that promote healthy online relationships.

“The bottom line: Is Zigazoo safe for your kids? The contents and features of the app are appropriate for young kids.”

-Protect Young Eyes

“Social media platforms and other apps for kids can look to Zigazoo as an example of how to offer a social yet safe place for children to be online.”

-Common Sense Media

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